Friday, December 12, 2008

A Word About Veoh Videos

I have been using Veoh on and off since they kicked off and have always thought they were a so-so video hosting site. They have got better over time, but have unfortunately in the recent past initiated a policy where users have to log in to view full films in their entirety.

Now to log in, you obviously have to sign up...which is really a pain in the neck. Getting the ability to watch some of the content that can be viewed on Veoh and nowhere else, however, makes it worth it IMHO.

Just so you all know, I have ZERO affiliation with Veoh...but do come across some kicking documentaries there from time to time (like the one below this post). Its up to the user, of course, if they want to access these films - but given the propensity of some sites...

(not naming any...GUBA!!!) remove some of the new and more sought after documentaries before we've all had a chance to enjoy them, I will probably be posting more stuff that I find on Veoh in the near future.


Vlad Nistor said...

Unfortunately Veoh is not accessible to everyone; some countries are restricted, including my own home country of Romania. I used to watch Veoh all the time, but I can only do it while I'm in the UK now.

Problem Is said...

veoh currently makes you down load what can only be referred to as a spyware on your computer in order to become a member and access their videos.

I wish you would boycott them until they remove this devious policy. Open access like google is the preferred method. We are going to see more of these underhanded attempts to profit off of net traffic as we go forward.

Otherwise, I enjoy your site and appreciate the effort you have put in here.