Monday, December 1, 2008

Suggest a Documentary - December

Well as promised, the 1st post of the new month (...the 2nd actually, but let's not split hairs) suggest a documentary. This is where you can put all of your documentary requests for the month of December - title and subject areas included.

If I am not able to post the documentary straight away, it is always because it is not currently available online. If the particular title you have suggested is not available due to extreme policing by the copyright Nazis...I will post a reply telling you this.

We had some great requested title and subjects last month, so let's keep the momentum going this month.

Post your requests in the comments of this post only...I get so many comments on other posts that your request may get lost if it is not in the current month's suggest a documentary post.




d.b.cooper said...

Excellent site.Here're some suggestions: "Harlan County U.S.A.". "Robert Capa:In Love And War". "Capturing The Friedmans".
"The Execution OF Wanda Jean".
"Heir To An Execution". "Murder On A Sunday Morning". "Rape In A Small Town"."The Great Game:The Story Of Wall Street".
Thank-you and best wishes.

Anonymous said...


i just fininshed watching a trailer and that doc would be perfect for your blog, and a good watch for everyone in tune...

keep up the good work

Anti-gag said...

There was an excellent documentary in the 'Man Alive' series in 1970, called 'Gale is dead'. This caused questions to be asked in Parliament at the time, I think it's on YouTube but split up into 6 parts.

Could you put a full version of it up. The first version shown in early 1970, had interviews that were removed when it was re-shown a few months later. As all the people in those interviews are now almost certainly dead, could you get the original broadcast as shown (circa March-April in 1970).

Chris Hill

The Man Alive series went out on BBC2.

Anti-gag said...

'Gale is dead' was originally broadcast on the 6th of May 1970.

The link below has many good documentaries from the Man Alive series: circa 1960's -1980's

Anonymous said...

Hi, I would love to see meerkat manor on this great site. The uk version with bill nighy narating.


Rob said...

Nature documentarys are also quite interesting. I was thinking here of all the work Sir David Attenborough has produced, and the Planet Earth series in particular.

And then there is the dokumentary "Zoo" which is apperently about Zoophilia, but beautifully done, so I heard. I've never seen it though.

Cheers mate.

amazonhippie said...

How about "Keep the River on Your Right".
Or maybe "Alone in the Wilderness".
And any new Atheist debate documentaries you can find are always appreciated.

Anonymous said...

i recently read a book that was based on this bbc doc.. "ways of seeing" by john berger (4 episodes in total). below is the link to the first part of the first episode. produced in the 70's quite old and quite good. thanks for doing what you do.

getitinya said...

A Blank on the Map - Sir David Attenborough

Great doco about contacting a remote tribe in the jungles of PNG.

Scott said...

Thanks for the many suggest documentaries!

To finish off last month's requests, Andrew Marr - History Of Modern Britain wil be going up later this week.

I will also post a heap of David Attenborough documentaries in a single post later in the week.

There have been so many great suggestions this month already. I hope that you understand that I am only one person and that running this site is basically a hobby.

I will, however, try to find as many of the suggested titles as possible.



Anonymous said...

I saw this on Google video.
And since I like your site very much, and enjoy your documentaries, I think the rest of your regular visitors will enjoy this one to.

It is about water. Really cool.


Anonymous said...

Re-post of "Flock of Dodos" please....if that's possible.

Anonymous said...

Deciphering the mysterious Mayan calendar, and it's equally enigmatic end date of 2012 is a subject that is being explored by credible scientists and writers such as John Calleman (Maya Cosmogenesis 2012). His interpretation is not the doomsday, Armageddon scenario, but instead explores the Mayan Tzolkin day count, and the evolutionary momentum of 'time'. There must be some good new documentaries out there that incorporate this new research. Atheist or not... this is a very interesting topic. Hope you can find something!!!

Chenjeri said...

Please post the documentary called Brilliant Minds. It originally aired on the Science Channel. The program looks at the revolutionary ideas of Galileo, Newton, Einstein, and Hawking.

Thanks. Prakash Chenjeri

ricardo said...

I would suggest Jonathan Miller's 'A Rough History of Disbelief' - BBC series in 3 parts. It is posted on youtube - I recommend this Scott if you haven't seen it yet. Thanks for the site.

Anonymous said...

I would suggest any Alan Bennett documentary - most notably "The Abbey" which screened in the mid-nineties I believe.
Also any documentary with the involvement of either Camille Paglia or Christopher Hitchens is going to be worth watching.

ricardo said...

Nick Broomfield's 'The Leader, His Driver and the Driver's Wife' and the follow-up documentary 'His Big White Self' about Eugene Terre Blanche. Would love to see the original documentary having only ever seen the sequel (and apologies Scott for requesting a doc you'd posted already... thanks again).

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad I found this website. Thanks!

As for requests, I would like to see "Fuck: A Documentary" by Steve Anderson.

Also, I'm looking for the full "Seven Ages of Rock" documentary series from the BBC.

Anthony T. said...

There is one that might be interesting to historians:

FDR Pearl Harbor Consiracy


Anonymous said...

I just found this site and its awesome!
I'd really like to see "Super Charge Me; 30 days raw", its like the healthy version of Morgan Spurlock's "Super Size Me"

Jessica said...

first of all, amazing site. i am a constant user and it never fails to impress.

i would love if you could post koyaanisquatsi for me as well as baraka. they are beautiful films.

thank you so much. and keep up the amazing work!!

Juan Pablo Martínez said...

Excellent site! Congratulations and thank you on a remarkable labor.

I found your site two days ago, so I'm just catching up. I have yet to discover much of what you posted, so I hope I'm not asking for something you published. I'd like to see Adam Curtis' "The Mayfair Set". His documentaries are provoking; I've seen most of them, except for the one I'm asking.

I'd also like to see "Helvetica: A Documentary Film", by Gary Hustwit.

Thank you again, and keep up the good work!

Best regards.

Anonymous said...

Zeitgist 2 is out, i am sure yo would want to post that.

KC said...

Joseph Campbell and The Power Of Myth with Bill Moyers. I have not been able to find this online. I have the DVDs but would like to share and discuss this with others. I have tried once to post it on YouTube, but got a notice and had to remove it.

db said...

I've been watching Niall Ferguson's (a professor at Harvard University) The Ascent Of Money on Channel 4 here in the UK for the past few weeks. I've found it enlightening and well worthy of a place on OnlineDocs4U.
Here's a link to reviews. It's still showing but unfortunately my technical knowhow doesn't allow me to indulge in making it available here. Sorry for that, maybe one for the future I guess. For those in the UK, it's available on 4od. Anyway, well worth a watch.

db said...

Can I also add to the comments about the quality of this site. What's offered up is unmissable. Thanks and keep up the great work. Once a few scheckles hit my pocket I can assure you there'll be a donation.

Anonymous said...

Hi, I´m the one who made the suggestion for ACI, and I think this might be a solution: You are wright Scott, when you said the problam here is the fact, that there are many episodes. And It´s not just with this series: another suggestion that I want to suggest here is the History channell´s docu. series "The Universe" and it has 32 episodes in the first season with a new season currently being aired. I have a suggestion on this problem: You could categorize your posts not just by the month you posted them, but also by dividing them into documentary films and documentary series. In the category for documentary series, you could divide them into series which have, let´s say 5 episodes or less (you could post all the episodes in 1 post) and series, which have more than 5 or 10 episodes (or what do I know what limit you´d choose would be). I was a bit inspired by, which I also frequently visit, and he already has uploaded many of the episodes of the "The Universe" series. But they are all over the website, and there is no organizing the episodes by the series, which they belong to. So, if you want, you can also group the episodes of the same series by the season in which they aired or by something else. I mean it about so:

A series (ACI, the universe or something else)

Season 1


Season 2
Season 3

And if you click on an episode, it would open your post with the episode. I think it is kinda similar to the playlists on YouTube. This could open a new range of education material, which you could post here.

Anonymous said...

Any doc's on North Korea ??

Scott said...

Thank you for the suggestion regarding organising my site into catagories.

I am very restricted by what I can do on the current webpage template that I am using.

I have made a decision, however, that I will be moving this site to a new host some time early next year.

This move will give me the flexibility to design the site how I want. In fact, I will be calling for input from my community of users as to how they would like to see the site set up.

I will do a post in January that shows the proposed design of the new site and asking for submissions.

Just to give you all the heads up, I will also be asking for donations from the beginning of the year to help finance the coming changes.

I run this site as a strictly non-profit entity as sharing powerful documentaries with the world is my greatest passion. The truth is, however, that the costs of give a site a professional overhaul are not small and I will not be able to cover these costs by myself.

Anonymous said...

Here's 2 that are impossible to find and would be great if you added:

1) DALI DIMESNION: Decoding the Mind of Genius


2) IN SEARCH OF MOZART (3 parts, by Phil Grabsky)

Thank you

Marieca Page said...

Hey Scott,

Thank you for this site!! I am thoroughly addicted to it.

As far as suggesting a documentary, I'd really love to see Alain De Botton's 'Status Anxiety'!!

Thanks again!


Anonymous said...

Let me second Marieca's suggestion of Status Anxiety.

Also, please consider the following:

The Ascent of Man (Bronowski)

Civilisation (Kenneth Clark)

The Age of Uncertainty (JK Galbraith).

Thanks for a great site.