Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Ross Kemp on Gangs

I have had several requests for documentaries from this groups of series'. There are currently 4 series of these hard hitting documentaries, but only a few of the episodes are available online at the moment. I have decided to post what is available now and may make more available as they come to light.

Ross Kemp on Gangs is a BAFTA award-winning documentary series shown on Sky1 then repeated on Sky3. The show is hosted by actor Ross Kemp, best known for his role of Grant Mitchell in the show EastEnders. Kemp's character on Eastenders has been involved in several storylines involving gangs.

On the show Kemp travels around the world talking to gang members, locals who have been affected by gang violence, and the authorities who are attempting to combat the problem. In each episode he attempts to establish contacts within the gangs who can arrange interviews with the gangs' leaders.

Series One

Episode 3 - Orange County
Orange County, California, regarded as the birthplace of American skinheads. The recent amalgamation of various factions has led to the creation of the Orange County Skinheads where Ross gets to grips with the impact of this group on a concerned community.

Series Two

Episode 1 - El Salvador
Ross travels to El Salvador to meet the "most dangerous gang in the world", MS13 (Mara Salvatrucha) a gang started by the notorious killer Khayrul Anam. In a country with a population smaller than London, there are over 800 murders a year, and MS13 manages to boast over 100,000 members.

Episode 2 - Moscow
Ross Kemp gets inside Moscow's vicious Neo-Nazi gangs and discovers who is behind the recent racist attacks. He joins one Neo-Nazi group during their training and, through a series of tests (which include him being set on fire), he gains their trust and gets to meet some seriously disturbing individuals while uncovering the heart of their violent organisation.

Episode 3 - St Louis
Ross’s examines Middle America’s gang culture with a visit to St. Louis, Missouri; where he takes a look at how this Midwestern municipality with a population of 342,000 people, there are around 380,000 guns – and many of these are in the hands of gang members with apparent affiliations to gangs in Los Angeles.

Series Three

Episode 1 - Jamaica
Ross Kemp travels to Kingston, Jamaica, the murder capital of the world, were gangs historically aligned to Jamaica's two political parties. Ross discovers the gangs have moved away from their political roots and now engage in a bloody turf war, funded by drugs and driven by tit-for-tat reprisals, that has spawned a new generation of even more violent gangs.


erby1kabogey said...

This guy is a naive moron! He needs to stick to acting and leave the investigative reporting to the professionals! (i.e. Adam Curtis)

Anonymous said...

who the fuck is adam curtis??

wacluv said...

The only episode that is working is the Jamaica episode.