Thursday, December 4, 2008

David Attenborough Documentaries

I have had several requests for documentaries by the old master David Attenborough. I am not too fond of nature documentaries myself, but Sir David does make his films come alive!

Below you will find one Attenborough documenary series with four parts and two seperate documentaries...enjoy!

Lost Worlds - Vanished Lives

Break open a stone and you may discover a new species, one that existed thousands of years ago. From insects to dinosaurs, David Attenborough shares his enthusiasm for fossils and fulfils one of his most enduring ambitions: a global fossil hunt.

PART ONE - Magic in the Rocks

PART TWO - Putting Flesh on Bone

PART THREE - Dinosaur

PART FOUR - The Rare Glimpses

The Great Natural Wonders of the World

Narrator David Attenborough sets out on an intrepid quest that celebrates the wealth of natural features that makes Planet Earth so varied, distinctive, and beautiful.

Can We Save Planet Earth?

After a long career as a naturalist, David Attenborough still cares passionately about the world he is leaving to coming generations.

In Can We Save Planet Earth? he looks into the future to find out what needs to be done to save our planet from the impact of global warming.

He discovers what could happen once a “tipping point” of carbon emissions is reached and searches for the solutions we can all adopt to prevent catastrophic change.

The latest and best on DVD from David Attenborough...

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