Monday, December 22, 2008

Richard Dawkins - The Blind Watch Maker

One of the earliest efforts from Richard Dawkins in his identification and attack on the rise of creationism with the rising star of the US fundamentalist christian demographic. In the important documentary, Dawkins shows ways to easily refute some of the more common creationist arguments.

Dawkins begins with the question, "Did everything in Creation fall together by chance or was there an intelligent designer like God?" He then looks at the spreading disaffection with Darwinism and argues that it should not be written off as a worn out declaration of scientific faith.

Whilst this is an aging documentary, it was an important key step in the growing assertion of science as the ONLY paradigm worthy of consideration to a highly developed species.

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24 said...

I love Richard Dawkins. He has a very gentle disposition whilst exhibiting strength in his arguments, based on evidence not conjecture. His intelligence is something to be admired. He and his colleagues represent an important movement, which I can only hope will grow in numbers. I will never get tired of listening to Richard Dawkins!