Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Werner Herzog: Beyond Reason

Legendary for his refusal to compromise in his search for the 'real truth', German film director Werner Herzoghas a reputation for pushing cast, crew and studios to the absolute limit. Stories from his best known film, Fitzcarraldo, are of a catastrophe-riddled shoot in the Peruvian jungle, which took three years to film and saw two plane crashes, a border war, and attacks from a hostile tribe.

Herzog is as far from the mainstream as it is possible to be, so it is a surprise when Alan finds him living in the Hollywood Hills. Spending time with Werner at some of his favourite Los Angeles locations, Alan attempts to uncover whether Herzog is the maverick risk-taker he appears to be. He also questions what the future is for Herzog - will he succeed in bucking the Hollywood system, or will he be forced to compromise his unique vision and style?

With footage from Werner's extensive back-catalogue of work, including Rescue Dawn, Grizzly Man, Even Dwarfs Started Small and Fitzcarraldo, the documentary is a revealing insight into one of modern cinema's most surprising and complex filmmakers.




Wayne C said...

I love Herzog's films. This was really good, thanks!

e.dganit said...

Thank you, from a Herzog's fan