Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Beyong the Big Bang

In this stunning documentary, we examine one of history's greatest questions: where do we begin? The greatest paradox perhaps of all time, is that of the entire universe. It is that the order and tranquillity with which we live, has sprung from the chaos of the ‘Big Bang’. Throughout history, great minds have peered into the unknown in search of order, logic, and the answers to where we began.

We have steadily learned to decipher the cosmic clues of how we came to be; we have stepped from revelation to revelation, and from epiphany to epiphany. Aristotle demonstrated that the world was round. Ptolemy conceived of a system of planets, stars and sun.

Copernicus placed the sun at the centre of this system, and Galileo confirmed it. Newton explained what held it all together. Einstein offered insight into what fuelled it. Hubble proposed it started with a ‘Big Bang’. Our infinite quest for the answers has undoubtedly helped our evolution as thinking creatures, and the ‘Big Bang’ is elementary to this quest.

This extraordinary programme charts the history of why and how we think about who and what we are. We will contemplate how various cultures believe the world began and how it will all end. For the first time, we'll be able to see what it might have all looked like, sitting in God's front row seats. Using unprecedented cutting edge animation, we recreate the amazing moment when everything started.

With interviews from the world's leading physicists, engineers, and historians, we explain complex and confusing ideas in a clear and accessible manner. Recreations, visual metaphors and first-person accounts will explain concepts such as the formation of galaxies, the existence of other dimensions and the idea of a parallel universe.


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