Saturday, February 28, 2009

OD4U Survey

In an effort to provide more targeted content to our viewers, we are running a survey this coming month. We encourage all regular visitors to this site to tell us what genre of documentary they would like to see more of here at OD4U.

You can vote for more than one type of genre, but it is probably better to restrict your selections to three genres only. The survey is in the lower part of the today!


Anonymous said...

I am a everyday-visitor of this site.

I like documentry on

1. Space & Time (M-Theory, Dark matter etc.)

2. Human Evolution

3. Monetary system (finance, economics, corporate missions etc.)

Thanks a lot.


Anonymous said...


Weather/Natural Disasters -Hurricanes/tornadoes Volcanoes.

Nature-Amazon rain forest, Borneo, Madagascar.

Wonder Bread said...

- religion
- history
- technology

Anonymous said...

- eastern religions
- ancient history
- tribal documentaries (basil davidson)
- Nature Documentaries (david attenborough)
- lonely planet, NGC, discovery and animal planet documentaries

and a special request for documentaries on India.

thanks a lot for this great contribution, heartily appreciated.


Anonymous said...

My favorite genre's are:

1. History.

2. Religion.

3. Psychology.