Monday, February 2, 2009

Homo Futurus

Homo Futurus is a documentary about the new, non-evolutionary theory of the story of mankind...our origins and our future.

What made early humans stand up and take their first steps? What is the next step in human development? These are some of the questions raised by this documentary which takes a new non-Darwinian look at our history.

Two researchers, paleontologist Anne Dambricourt-Malasse and orthodontist Marie-Josephe Deshayes, have uncovered a curious fact about the sphenoid, a small bone at the base of the skull. Over millions of years, each change in the sphenoid's position brought a new species into our primate family.


Dental records seem to point to a new change developing now, caused by alterations in the size and shape of our jaws. Does this mean that progression could be programmed into our cells? A number of scientists who challenge Darwinian evolution certainly think so.


Homos Futurus considers whether we could we be evolving into yet another species. Rather than modern Homo sapiens being the realization of the species, are we really just a stage on the way to the end result? And if anti-Darwinian scientists are correct, what will our descendants look like?

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Anonymous said...

This is ridiculous. The documentary is setting up a false dichotomy. No biologist is claiming that non-human primates became bipedal in reaction to a changing environment. Mutations arise constantly regardless of the environment. It is environment, however, that weeds out the ones that can't compete. This is in no way anti-Darwinian.

Anonymous said...

There is no "end result" when it comes to evolution. It is an ongoing process which effects EVERYTHING. From humans to plants to mountain ranges! I found the hypothesis forwarded, that upright walking was directly attributed to the shift in this particular cranial bone, a bit hard to swallow. It could possibly be that perhaps the mutation which allowed us upright walking also caused this bone structure to begin its tilt procedure. I guess more research will need to be done on this topic. To me this whole hypothesis smacks a wee bit of intelligent design/creationist concept, where one thinks that we're "pre" destined to evolve into some type of "holy" intelligent super being. Still though, it is an interesting hypothesis.