Monday, November 10, 2008

The Human Footprint

Have you ever wondered what it would look like if all the clothes, washing machines and toilet paper you ever used were piled up outside your front door? Or if you were to lay out all the bread you will ever eat or cups of tea you will drink? This beautiful, landmark film uses art and science to explore the impact each and every human has on the planet in an average lifetime, demonstrating the massive scale of everything consumed and produced in one lifetime.

Featuring a series of arresting art installations and mind-boggling statistics, Human Footprint follows the average life journey from the cradle to the grave, showing just how much, how often and for how long we will each consume. How much food and drink we will devour, how many tears we will cry, how much hair we will shed and how much waste matter we will process through our bodies – all within the 2 billion 475 million, 5,076 seconds that each of us will, on average, spend on earth.

Human Footprint also features several experts, who explain the science behind the installations and explore the profound effect our individual footprints will have on the planet. From our babyhood – when we get through a massive 3,796 nappies and produce 254 litres of urine – through to our old age and death – by which time we will have had sex 4,239 times, eaten 10,866 carrots, taken 7,163 baths and done an average of 15 farts a day – this online documentary tells the story of an average life, the story of our human footprint.

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