Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Bunch of Requested Documentaries!

Firstly, I'd just like to thank all of my regular vistors for their support. This site has grown dramatically since its inception back in the middle of March this year. We are now getting more than 1,500 hits a day and have well over a hundred susbscibers.

Back in August I did a post where I called for my regular visitors to suggest a documentary. I was able to post some the requested material straight away, but other requests have since come in that I have not had time to search for. Well, that changes today!

I would like this site to be more interactive and to build more of a community here...after all, many of us share similar interests and views.

To this end, I am calling for more activity on this site from you the visitors in two areas...

  • Request more documentaries that YOU want to see.
  • Post more comments on the ones that interest you.
Each month, my first post will be 'Suggest a Documentary'. You can request specific documentaries here, or just documentaries on subjects that interest you.

OK, I am posting a whole bunch of requested documentaries here...enjoy!!!

September 22 - koele said...
I'd like to see "Maxed Out" added here. It's an excellent documentary on the credit crisis that is especially relevant right now.

My Response
This documentary is not available online for some reason. I will try to find it and will post it when found.

September 25 - Rafael said...
There is a documentary called "The Triumph of the Nerds", it's really excellent and it's available in google video.

My Response
Just for you Rafael...your 3-part documentary series is below.

Part One

Part Two

Part Three

October 17 - Anonymous said...
First of all, thanks for such a wonderful site. Nice to know there are other documentary geeks out there!

Several years ago, I saw part of a documentary on TV and, after a lot of searching, I found out it was entitled "The Ritchie Boys". I only saw the tail end, but I was engrossed. Do you think you can find it?? Thanks a lot.

My Response
Sorry, but I have been unable to find any trace of this one. If you can give me more information like what it was about I may be able to do better.

November 11 - Mario said...
Thanks for posting all those awesome documentaries, I'm trying to find time to watch them all.

I would like to see more documentaries about people who have make history, like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, etc. And if available, documentaries about the future of corporations, and how they might have to evolve to stop harming the environment. Sustainable Corporations.

My Response
I will have a look at the material you requested about corporations on another day, but for now...enjoy these documentaries about Martin Luther King and Malcolm X.

The Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

Death In Memphis - The Mysterious Assassination of Martin Luther King Jr

The Murder of Malcolm X - What Really Happened?

November 14 - Anonymous said...
To Continue your discussion on religion, i think you must post a doc called "Jesus Camp" it's about a evenglical church summer camp. This one is good cause the maker decided to let the action of these people speak for themselves rather then impose a view on the audience. I found it on Youtube in parts.

By the way great site. keep this up as long as you can and call for donation if needed.

My Response
One of the things I try to do on this site is to highlight some of the madness that organised religion inflicts on mankind...yes, I am an atheist. This documentary is a good example of what I am talking about...

Jesus Camp

That's it for now. If you have any documentaries to suggest for this month...put the requests in the comments of this post. Hope you are all enjoying your weekend. Remember to not spend the whole day in front of your PC...go out and play too!!!


talia said...

Hi! I really, really love this blog, thank you for taking the time.
I would really like to see The Fog of War.

Anonymous said...

I would strongly recommend to link all documentarys of Adam Curtis to this side!

Anyway great side mate!

Anonymous said...

congratulations for this wonderful site.
Is it possible to find a documentary film called 'The Ister'?

Anonymous said...

I would love to see Andrew Marr's History of Modern Britain.

tj said...

I love this site; Thank you very much. You mentioned that you were interested in receiving more documentary requests and I was wondering if there is an ideal place to make these requests or if any comment is fine.

on that note,

An Unreasonable Man: Ralph Nader: How do you define a legacy?

is a great documentary that some of your subscribers might appreciate.

Anonymous said...

I´ve been a regular visitor of this site since september, and I think this site rocks. And thanks to these documentaries by Dawkis, I was able to become an atheist. I´d like to ask you, whether you heared about a documentary series from Cineflix called Air Crash Investigation (somtimes shortened ACI) or Mayday. It is a documentary series about air accidents and their investigation and it has 42 episodes (actually 45, but the other 3 are about train crashes or something) and 3 air crash special episodes. I´m not really asking you to post them (YouTube already has all episodes and i saw a few of them on other portals), but if you are interested, I know about few users on YouTube, which have all these episodes (except those on trains or so) and the 3 specials. Those are: arenaskies, ralphft (small warning: some of his videos are spoken dutch, others are dutch subtitled), AirCrashInvestigate, AirCrashMayday, MI6MI5, VibraciaX (he also has videos about normal aviation and even the full episodes of the BBC documentary Space Race, but he had appearently some problems with the recording of some (ACI and some other), and in these episodes, there are big gaps: they have 3-4 parts instead of 5-6). You should also look on some other video portals, I also saw those episodes on google video... I´ll post some more proposals on other comments if you´re interested, and by the way I,m from Slovakia.

Scott said...

To the writer of the last post..

I am really pleased to hear that the Dawkins videos were able to make a difference in your life.

In regards to the Air Crash Investigation series...I agree that it is fantastic. The problem, as you pointed out, with posting the espisodes here is that there are so many of them.

Thank you of for providing the information on the excellent YouTube channels that cover this series.

To be honest with you, I cannot watch these documentaries. I am the WORST flyer in the world and watching anything about crashes freaks me out.

I am an Australian, but I lived and did business in China for 3 years and had to endure some very frightening flights over that period.

I have not flown for 2 years now and have put off several business trips because of my issues with flying.

...perhaps I should watch the series to help me get over my issues. After all, I have flown hundreds of times in the past and will no doubt fly many times again in the future. It is time to build a bridge and get over it!

Scott said...

To all those that have made suggestions this month...I will be posting some of these this week.

I am very busy with work at the moment, but have found good links to some of the requested documentaries...stay tuned!

Anonymous said...

You know scott, I´m also a bit of a nervous flyer, but I love investigating air crashes and both this series, and another one, called Seconds from disaster have shown me what air accidents and other types of accidents (train, marine...) are about. They don´t just happen, they´re a chain of critical events, which lead to the disaster itself. I also have more suggestions for documentaries if you want and here are 3 of my favourite users of youtube, which have many documentaries and even in playlists: Zuke696, Melkane, alwaysblazen. By the way, air crash investigation is scheduled to air a new season 6, starting December 8 on National Geographic with the attack on Lockerbie in 1988. By the way good luck with those posts.

Christine said...

I saw a documentary in April of 2005 while I was on holiday. It was on the BBC and it was entitled "When Your Face Doesn't Fit." It dealt with people with facial disfigurements and specifically Neurofibromatosis. I can't find the show anywhere online. I would like very much to watch it again. Thanks,