Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Factual TV

I have a firm policy on this site of not succumbing to the evil temptation of writing paid posts. It is with this in mind that I must clearly state here that this post is NOT paid for in any way. Furthermore, I do NOT have any formal affiliation with Factual TV. Rather, I am genuinely impressed with what this site offers...and that is saying something for a documentary nut like myself!

What is factualTV?
factualTV is a website where almost all of their factual content is free (about 80%). What kind of content, I hear you say? Well, in their own words...

"factualTV have to date signed global license agreements with more than 20 international license companies including distribution and production companies as well as television channels. With more than 2,000 titles in their portfolio, factualTV signed amongst others, agreements with Beyond Distribution (Australia), Off the Fence (Holland), TVF International (GB), IFM World Releasing (USA) and Caldecott Productions (Singapore). These are all well known companies which deliver titles to the world’s leading television channels."

Rather than go on about what I think about this site, I encourage you all to check it out. Click here to visit factualTV.

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