Saturday, April 18, 2009

Thunderbolts of the Gods

Thanks to Andreas for suggesting this documentary - Thunderbolts of the Gods introduces the reader to a former age of planetary instability and earthshaking electrical events, and offers a revolutionary synthesis of historical investigation and the newly discovered Electric Universe. Solar system cosmic upheaval occurred so recently as to have profoundly affected early human cultures, provoking incomprehensible myths, symbols, and commemorative practices.

Through a synthesis of ancient testimony, high-energy plasma experiments, and space age discoveries, the authors bring the ancient world to life. If their hypothesis is correct, it will surely alter many paths of scientific investigation as well. The little-known study of powerful electrical discharges in plasma is a new and exciting development in plasma cosmology , with profound implication for space age astronomy.


To advance their case, the authors present side-by-side comparisons of laboratory plasma experiments and globally recurring symbols of the ancient sky. The evidence, they report, shows an ancient obsession with extremely violent electrical discharge formations in the heavens.

There are some pretty controversial ideas put forth in this documentary...what do you think? Click here to visit the official website.


Anonymous said...

This sounds a wee bit like quakery to me. Some of the postulations these "cosmologists" were taking, especially in regard to the fusion process which takes place inside the sun, sound EXTREMELY hypothetical to say the least. As a scientist myself I applaud them for forwarding their views, however, they sound to "sure" of themselves without having the proper experimental evidence to back up their claims. When, and if, they do compile this scientifically replicatible evidence to support their views then and only then can they be taken seriously.

Anonymous said...

This isn't science. There are a lot of false statements and misinterpretations of scientific principles, theories, and laws.
They are trying to connect 2 ideas (ancient mythological symbols/drawings and electrical discharge in plasma) at the expense of hundreds if not thousands of previous experiments, they are disregarding the standard model and relativity in many instances.
It is far more likely there is a problem with their interpretation of mythology and electrical discharge in plasma then there is a problem with the standard model or relativity.
This video felt like some kind of conspiracy theory video, or intelligent design video.

TK said...

This video is very, very funny.

It's probably not a good idea to try and come up with a scientific theory of cosmology based on human myth and art. These dudes make the same mistake as countless others, like Hancock. The imaginations of ancient peoples were as varied, vivid and fantastic as ours today. You don't rob our ancestors of this by cherry picking bits of myth you can crowbar together and call it science or history. Unless you want people to point and laugh.