Thursday, April 2, 2009

Suggest a Documentary - April

May was a big month here at OD4U! Thanks to all those that answered the call to support their favourite online documentary place. A special thank you to those that donated...your contributions are much appreciated. Again...thank you all for your support!

Those that regularly visit our website will have noticed that some changes. We have a new catagory menu and have kicked off a Google Groups based discussion forum. As it will take some time for changes to OD4U to be 'tweeked' to perfection, we would like to thank you all in advance for your patience.

I would like to once again encourage people to contribute to the new forum. Whilst more than 20 people have already joined the forum, only 4 have contibuted posts. Remember that members can start new threads or become involved in existing ones. The forum is set up so that new members can post unmoderated once they have posted their first post. There have been some problems with this function, but we will get it ironed out in the near future.

Requests for documentaries were down this month compared to previous ones. In the near future we will just have a link to a form where you can send in your suggestions and requests...stay tuned.


Anonymous said...

Great site! I very much enjoyed the economical and policical documentaries you have here.

A suggestion for a documentary which might be interesting (despite all the changes in the current economic climate,i still think it has some interest right now): The day the dollar fell.

It's (f.e.) available on youtube on It's partly in Dutch with English subtitles, partly in English and in my opinion a great documentary.

Keep up the good work!

Anti-gag said...

A year or so back I saw a documentary on the phenomenon of 'Group think' (in the UK its called 'The Kings new clothes' syndrome), which I think was in the Horizon (Nova in the US) series, which would make a good addition to this site.

Chris Hill

Here's another (old but very good) documentary:
'Gale is Dead' in the BBC's Man alive series 1970.

Anonymous said...

Would love it if you posted Unmasking the Pagan Christ..

All's Wool that Ends Wool said...

Hi, this is one of my favorite sites. I'd love to see some docs on music, including classical and jazz. Regardless, keep up the amazing work.

Simon said...


As a non-U.S resident, I cannot get 'Astrospies' from the PBS site, and I cannot find it anywhere on the net.
So a link to where I could watch it would be great! The link can't be to the PBS site, as they disallow any server outside the U.S.

Kyle said...

Something on Palestine/Israel would be nice.

William said...

The Linguists

Anonymous said...

Sea if you can find a documentary series called "The Age of Uncertainty". It was done in the late 70s by John Kenneth Galbraith. It was a great series about economics and how the world really works.

One of the best docuseries I have ever seen and it has disappeared. I can't find it anywhere.

puli said...

was wondering if it was possible to post a movie called 'mountains of the moon' it is a historic movie about the discovery of lake victoria.

two yound europeans want thier names to live on and are in desperate need of fame and glory and so they embark on a jounrey to find the source of river nile, they start walking from ethopian highlands .....

and it is the story of thier journey and the ordeals they face on that journey.

watched it as a child and would love to watch it again. it truely is a fantastic movie.....with some historical evidence behind it.

Anonymous said...

Bonjour Scott

Would like to see
Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything Part 1
Stephen Hawking and the Theory of Everything Part 2
posted here... please; for all of us space/cosmology/Hawking fans.
Tripped on em by luck while searching Google.

Merci beaucoup

P.S. I spent many-many-many enjoyable hours watching docs on OD4U : long live OD4U :)

Andreas said...

Woud love to see Thunderbolts of the gods.

It's based on the electric universe model, and as nearly every alternative viewpoint in science, it is suppressed in the name of careers and money.

birdsong said...

There's a very powerful documentary by the name of "Meeting Resistance" that I'd like to see posted. It's available partly online-- the third part of it is missing:

Sydni said...

If you can get this documentary, I heard it was GREAT... Called, Why Dogs Smile and Chimpanzees Cry. They are no longer distributing it, but maybe where there is a will, there's a way??? Hope so.

Anonymous said...

I think we need to find "heart of darkness". about the making of Apocalypse Now. it is more then a how it is made doc. it's a doc about when a director truly falls apart, as he recreates a war that falls apart. always wanted to see it.

md-jolley said...

I just saw a riveting documentary on Hugo Chavez - Venezuela's elected president of six terms. As an American, I hear constant negativity about the guy in our media and government channels. After seeing this documentary, I just want to give the man a big bear hug! He is truly a man of the people - a saint compared to Bush.

The documentary is called 'THE REVOLUTION WILL NOT BE TELEVISED'. It starts off a little drab, you just have to make it through the first 15 min :) here is the closest link I could find via gvideo, it should be at the top of the page:

Hope your move was not insanely crazy- as they usually are! Take care, and thanks again for the wonderful site ^^

uenifeu said...

Hi, can you post the film about Ted Haggard? The trials of Ted Haggard from HBO?

I think it would be very interesting ..

Scott said...

There have been a couple of documentaries requested this month that have already been posted on OD4U.

* Ted Haggard - March 2009

* Pagan Christ - January 2009

I appreciate that this site is not the easiest to navigate (something we are working on), but the best way to check if we have a film is to use the search function.

Thanks for the great suggestions this month...keep them coming!

Webmaster OD4U

Anonymous said...

from the list of the top 50 documentaries....

The Leader, his driver, the driver's wife.