Monday, April 6, 2009

How Music Works

Why do some rhythms get our toes tapping, while others make us feel mellow? How does a love song bring tears to our eyes? What links African drumming to J S Bach? In this new four-part series composer Howard Goodall strips music down to its essential parts to find out how music works.

We all respond to music – whether clicking our fingers, humming along or dancing – there's something out there for everyone. In this series Goodall looks at melody, rhythm, harmony and bass to establish how music is made and how it comes to reflect different cultures.

Setting out on a journey that spans the globe and moves through the centuries, Goodall uncovers the elements that are shared by all styles of music. Following a trail of diverse musical talents from Mahler to David Bowie; the blues to Bulgarian folk songs; medieval choral music to disco; he reveals the tried and tested tricks of the composer's trade.

PART ONE - Melody

This part is currently not this space!

PART TWO - Rhythm

PART THREE - Harmony


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Anonymous said...

part 1(Melody) is available to watch on youtube.

Tangeray said...

what is that song and by who on part two aprox 35 mins in introducing Cuban Son, It has been driving me crazy i need to hear it. its like an early La Bamba with more soul

Robert Tanguay said...

It is called Me pa Moron by Musica Orchestra - amazing, cant find anywhere either