Sunday, May 17, 2009

Marijuana Nation

This one is just for Cheryl. The big question after all these years and scientific findings, is why the US government still classifies marijuana as a class one drug, akin to heroin and crank. Doctors will tell you the miracles it works for the chronically ill, cancer patients and for a natural sleep aid. It's a crop that earns more than corn, and Americans grow some of the best of it in the world. The legitimate earning potential for farmers and distributors is astronomical.

Correspondent Lisa Ling goes undercover to private fields and indoor state of the art hydroponic farms talking to the very reasonable and resolute people who will not buckle under possible legal ramifications. The movement to end the draconian punishments for possession and growing increase every day, as the population is getting older and sicker, insurance is harder to obtain and pay for and who refuse to be held hostage by Big pharmaceutical companies gouging consumers for legal alternatives.

Ling goes to "Oaksterdam", a part of Oakland that has become a legal medical marijuana haven and in the process, has revitalized the entire neighborhood by invigorating nearby businesses and shops. Even those who are not users are happy about the transformative nature the pot trade has done to help the local economy. One advocate estimated that nearly $3 million in annual tax revenue was contributed to the city of Oakland in 2003 alone, with revenue increasing annually.


Koele said...

I can't stand being around potheads for too long. Marijuana makes people lame, slow, and stupid. People can defend it all they want for medicinal purposes and, yes, maybe it should be legalized... that's not gonna change the fact that someone who is stoned has trouble forming complete sentences and definately should not be allowed to operate a vehicle.

moe wahba said...


Matthew said...

I am high now but I still noticed that you have a hard time forming properly spelled sentences. Hint: definatly

CabronRaton said...

Operate a vehicle? So should they or have they closed down every bar, club, pub etc. that serves alcohol? NO!
How many accidents have potheads or or these "EVIL" stoners caused ma'am?
We will lack the interest of driving we will be secluded in our rooms, contemplating what harder drug to try next! What a bunch of crap!
Our best music, ideas, inventions have come from people who think out of the box!
Yeah and some used drugs beside weed to do it!

Steve said...


Perhaps the sort of society you keep, is inclined to react thusly to pot. I am a 46 year old successful business owner who has probably got more life experience than you will ever muster, judging by the vacuous comment you made. As far as being slow, lame or stupid, I very much doubt you would even manage to keep up, and would probably be as irritatingly slow, illogical and moronic as most people I tend to meet. I am certain that excessive alcohol consumption has done some harm to my over all intelligence or at least ability to manipulate large amounts of data. I am equally certain that daily usage of pot for more than 25 years now has done me no such harm. I give that fact credit for my general good health, independent nature and open mind. In some instances indirectly, since it led to a knowledge and committment to natural health. I used to run a fireworks company and I still make my own fireworks and occassionally high explosives as a hobby. I can assure you that I would never hesitate to manufacture explosives or fireworks when smoking pot. I have driven large combine harvesters and tractors with bailing and mowing gear on, on dangerous sloping hill properties and whilst I would do none of it drunk, I usually am smoking a joint when doing any of that.

You know next to nothing about pot or what it does to people. Even the inexperienced smoker can easily switch out of stoned mode to operate machinery or deal with any situation. The extreme reactions you think of when you think of pot smokers, is mostly psychosomatic and acting. People having fun, feeding off each others' fun.

I can smoke huge amounts of pot, whilst running my factory, dealing with customers and business in general. Yet a fraction of the same amount, when smoked in company and a party atmosphere would have me stoned and acting the goat. You and people like you know nothing and honestly, you should not even be allowed to contribute to the discussion given the extreme nature of your ignorance. Your words are just empty blathering.

Anonymous said...

Yeah that chick on the top is stupid. I could bet my ass that i'm definately more interesting than she is, and this includes after smoking a bowl of hash. I was in a math team for 5 years and i constantly won places from 3rd to 1st place, while being high. My name is Bryan. Oh, and i definately agree about the the whole ignorance thing, because you are clearly ignorant, closed minded, and have only been around your typical stupid pothead.