Friday, May 15, 2009

Biography - Barrack Obama

When he called himself "a skinny kid with a funny name" at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, his political star was already on the rise. By the time he decimated the competition in 2004 race for the Illinois Senate, he was the bona fide golden child of a Democratic party desperately in need of a winner. In many ways, the story of Barack Obama is a uniquely American tale of the 21st century, where racial lines are blurry and the most interesting chapter is just beginning.

This prophetic biography about the life of Illinois senator Barack Obama was made before he began campaigning to be the Democratic party's candidate for the 2008 presidential race. Still, the program suggests Obama has one or another kind of profound, Anerican destiny as a mixed-race activist who never comfortably fit into one or another group, and had to look deep into his own roots to understand his identity. The son of a white American mother and black Kenyan father, Obama was abandoned by the latter when he returned to his native country to work for its improvement.

Raised by his mother--whom Obama credits with teaching him many of his values--and his grandmother, Obama lived in Hawaii as a child but moved to Indonesia for a few years when his mom remarried. There, Obama saw cyclical poverty and the underlying factors that perpetuate it before returning to Hawaii. Interviews with childhood friends and his sister describe Obama's restlessness before attending Harvard law school and propelling himself into a life of public service and community activism. Often accused of lacking enough political experience to qualify him for the White House, Obama comes across in this show as a visionary and experienced consensus-builder who can reach across opposing points of view.


rondinara said...

I only wish he was keeping his campaign promises. We had so much hope, but little by little, it's falling away.

Simmons said...

He's done a lot of good or at least it looks good. Immediately, he immplemented a pay freeze at the White House. He made it illegal to work for companies past government employees lobbied for, or take money from -for that matter. He re-hired an army official that was FIRED because he told congress the expected truth about the war on terror- not just an easy in and out like Bush portrayed. It may be just for show, but Obama seems genuine, honest and sincere about making the world better-and doing what he said. He has a list of things to do, but its not that simple, I don't think. Personally, I thik he'll to the most and the best as President of the US.

Anonymous said...

Obama has already done more for the greater benefit of US citizens then the entire eight years of Bush put together. He's actually willing seriously address the issues, the hard issues that politicians have been avoiding for years. Issues like national debt, health care reform, credit card reform, banking regulations, tax loopholes, human rights abuses, war veteran care, Middle East peace, relationship with Cuba. There's still a couple more. He's already given more press conferences ( including his weekly address to the nation) then Bush did his entire tenure. As a Canadian, I used to look across the border and laugh at your leader, now I look across with envy as our government struggles to keep up with Obama by by posing bills that are not nearly as ambitious. you should consider yourself lucky.