Thursday, May 28, 2009

Busted - The Citizens Guide to Surviving Police Encounters

Most people don't know their basic constitutional rights, and those who do usually waive them in the face of police intimidation. Worse, police rely on people's fear and ignorance of the law to trick them into waiving their rights, which often lands them in jail. That's why Flex Your Rights (FyR) -- a Washington, DC-based educational group -- created BUSTED: The Citizen's Guide to Surviving Police Encounters.

This fun 45-minute educational film realistically depicts three common police scenarios -- traffic stop, street stop, and home entry. Narrator Ira Glasser, a former ACLU executive director, shows you how to avoid cops gotcha games as they try to trick you into waiving your rights; how to be courteous but not intimidated by police tactics; and how phrases such as I don't consent to any searches can keep you out of jail.

BUSTED was made for anyone who's afraid that their looks or lifestyle makes them a target for law enforcement. This includes skaters, smokers, rockers, and freedom-loving people of all sorts.


Simmons said...

I've had good and bad encounters with the police here in Canada in my past. They took my guns from my home and lied about my response to them at the time, their entrance and why they 'looked around' my home was a little shady also.

Pink Triangle Anarchists said...

Thanks 4 posting. I saw this a while back and have been looking for it for long time. Unfortunately since the Patriot Act, I have no idea how much of this is still valid. The 3 questions will always come in handy should you need them!

Anonymous said...

Unfortunately, the law which states your right to a lawyer has been revoked.

Now, anything you say can be used against you regardless of a lawyer being present. Keep this in mind. And remember, a cop can say you said something, and then it's his word against yours!