Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Truth About Food

Want to know what food really does to your body? Forget the headlines, watch our intriguing investigations with 500 volunteers as we expose the real science behind the food we eat.

How to be Healthy
This episode investigates the health tips and diets that claim to offer protection against disease and uncover what you should be feeding your body in the fight against infection.

How to Be Sexy
How to be sexy explores the intimate connections between food and sex and unearth the truth behind the many food/sex myths deep-rooted in our culture.

This episode is coming soon!

How to Feed Your Kids
What is the truth about the foods our children eat? As they grow, how does what they put into their mouths affect their bodies, minds and behaviour or the habits formed as an adult?

How to Be Slim
Ours is a world where it seems everyone is on, just finished, or about to start, a diet. The only really successful way to become slim is to change our lifestyle: to do more exercise and eat well. We explored some of the biggest dieting myths.

How to Stay Young and Beautiful
How to stay young and beautiful looks at the everyday foods and drinks we consume and how they can help fight the ageing process, from the inside and out.

How to Be the Best
This is the food manual for everybody that wants that “edge”, whether it be mental or physical. In How to be the best we explore which foods to eat if you want to be faster, stronger, and smarter.

This episode is coming soon!


Anti-gag said...

The first two videos (on food) run fine, but the last two simply won't play at all. When I click on either of them I'm taken to a gambling web site, but on returning to the main page here the video is still and running.

Chris Hill

Anonymous said...

are the 2 missing episodes really coming? :/

Anonymous said...

Yah, man! Where are they?

Anonymous said...

Still checking daily for the lacking 2 videos :/

Anonymous said...

Thanks for this great website! You're doing a wonderful job, and I visit your site daily. If you have the two missing videos of this documentary, please upload them if you can.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for these vids. I've rewatched my favs. And I would like to the other two.