Monday, March 2, 2009

If Drugs Were Legal

Evidence from Switzerland suggests that prescribing heroin can reduce crime and increase levels of employment among addicts. While still illegal in the UK, cannabis was downgraded to a category C drug in January 2004. Would drug legalisation really reduce crime overall, and would it make drug use any safer?

This documentary examines the existing problems with drug prohibition and hears the arguments in favour of legalisation. Based on rigorous research and interviews with experts, the programme hears the arguments for leaving the most dangerous drug of all - crack cocaine - illegal, and examines how a legal and regulated system of drugs would work.


scott said...

Just got finished watching the "making a star" Doc... refreshed the page and... Plop a new doc, and about legalization.

Many people think I'm just some dumb pot head when I try to discuss this topic. But I still feel this is a major issue that places tremendous stresses on society. Would the violence happening in Mexico right now still be happening if drugs were decriminalized? Will America give up its near century long prohibition ever end?

Morte Cerebrale said...

scott said...then what Morte Cerebrale said was more or less the same shit...I used to use a third of a g.habit...'twas a cunt to give up, and prohibition was COMPLETLY IRRELEVANT at the time...waiting for what a non-user
bright-spark house-of-lords "soloution" has in store for my

cinndave said...

I'm still not convinced that we'd be completely better off with drugs legalized like that, and that letting everybody smoke all the drugs they want is what's best. when you legalize something, you get more of it. And growing up with parents on drugs is a nightmare. I don't think it ends the crime, but merely immunizes the criminals. Holland is starting to reverse direction and has made LSD & Mushrooms illegal again. and besides, most of the money in the criminal drug trade comes from cocaine & heroin, which this fictional scenario still has illegal.

Anonymous said...

smoking weed wont hurt u if u use it but to much of anything isnt good
but fact is most countries wont have it becourse america "land of the retarded" made it illegal thanx to some mormons
my own country denmark follows america like a little puppy thinking that what comes from america is all good instead of thinking for them selfs
and i wont be surprised if the us puts pressure on other countries to make it illegal just becourse its wrong in their eyes dont get me wrong i dont hate the average american but something must be wrong with u when u elected bush a second time :)

Anonymous said...

Anonomous(I'll call ye Bjarke),

I'm from Denmark myself and i agreed totally on what you said but wtf man? we danes voted for a suck PM ourselves:S it's getting to ''americanized''

I'm not that big fancier of having drugs being legal. But maybe it's time for a change with cannabis, BUT BUT! Only for ill people with for example schlerose or ADHD? Not like the Coffee shops in Holland. It might be a good idea but i think we should wait some years. (ALso I'd say that Cigarettes and Booze should be more expensive by higher taxes etc on 'em so people won't buy it like candy/don't take me wrong I like drinking myself and I'M NOT religious or anything like that) + you americans seriously gotta do something about your alcohol politics:D easier to get marihuana than booze for a youngster in America other way around in Denmark you have to be 16 to buy everything you like(and you can see 13year olds buying vodka;) I find it better they drink than doing drugs)

Best regards from DK (Deutsche Koloni)

Hope you understood my poor english
but I'm only 16 so hope you'll understand;)