Thursday, January 1, 2009

Suggest a Documentary - January

Thanks to all those that requested documentaries in last month's 'suggest a documentary' post. We had well over 50 requests, about 35% of which we were able to post links for.

Whilst a lot of the requests were for great films, exhaustive searching was unable to find them. These documentaries will, however, be searched for on a regular basis and will be posted as quality links are uncovered.

We are still getting a lot of people writing their requests on the chat box at the top of the page. Whilst I take note of these if I see them, you do run the risk of these being missed when the chat box is experiencing high usage.

It is a much better idea to post your reqests as comments to the monthly 'suggest a documentary' post.

We are looking forward to your reqests this month and have a lot of exciting things planned for Online Documentaries 4 U. We'll reveal more of the coming changes in future posts.


Anonymous said...

ok how about:

-Planet Earth Series

-Nova Series

-All michael moore movies

-Oh and any cool documentaries about jets, tanks or any other military equipment like (future wars) would be really cool!

S.W.Simmons said...

Esoteric Agenda

igor said...

hi, "Following Sean" would be great to see here

claza said...

A great one I hope you could find "supernatural the powers of animals" a bbc doc. claza

S.W.Simmons said...

I think I found titicut follies on, must be good for its banned.

Francis D'Eramo said...

I'd love to see "In Search of the Trojan War" by Michael Wood.

CJ said...

I highly recommend the documentary "Building Gods". It is about artificial intelligence, cybernetics and transhumanism in general. It is on googles video site. Thanks for the great site!

claza said...

The life of mammals.

murar1 said...

Richard Dawkin "the Root Of evil" 1.The Virus of Faith.
2.The God of Delusion.
an excellent documentary should be viewed by all in doctrines

Anonymous said...

How about "Civilisation," by Kenneth Clark? Most, but not all, of the episodes are on or

Also, "In Search of the Trojan War," the show that made me the Homerophile (is this a word?) that I am today.

Anonymous said...

Earth: The Biography

It's one of the wunders of our Plaaaanet

lele_boom said...

just found this blog this month and I absolutely love it .. you have a fantastic selection!

I'd love to see :

- Darfur Now
- Gonzo The Life & Work of Dr Hunter S Thompson

and more docos on the Persian empire, Babylon and Sumerian history!

thanks! :)

Anonymous said...

I think "Processed People" would be a cool Doc to get , I just saw a preview on youtube.

Anonymous said...

I love your site, thank you for putting the time into creating it.

There was this documentary on Channel 5 in autumn 2006 called 'Middle Child Syndrome'. It included Tony Blair and his traits of being a middle child and other famous people.

It it possible to see that?

Thank you and best wishes for 2009.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much! Very classy site. Ya reckon there's one on anamorphic art?

Amazing concept. And forced perspective for feau architecture. Anything on Charlemaign.

And... Howz ya mom n nemm?

Backpack! You should stand in places you dream about. Ain't no luggage racks on a herse.

Start a "voctory garden" vegitable hot house.

Clay said...

This site has been so revealing! Thanks so much and I look forward to all the future posts!

My suggestion would be "The Linguists"

crazydave said...

Hi All,

I recently saw a trailer for a National Geographic documentary called "journey to the edge of the universe". The trailer looked amazing but unfortunatly I was not able to tape the docu or watch it. I think it would fit in here perfect!


Hello there,
I've tried and tried, but cannot locate on the internets Errol Morris' 'THE THIN BLUE LINE' - I'd so like to see it if you can find a decent link. Thanks in advance, Simon J

Anonymous said...

How about 'The Quran' as shown on Channel 4 last year.

Great site btw :)

Francis D'Eramo said...

"In Search of the Trojan War" AND "Civilisation" now appear to be both posted on VEOH in their entirety.

Anonymous said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for Status Anxiety and the Ascent of Man.

Your visitors might also enjoy "The Human Body" by Robert Winston.



Andrew Miller said...

"Standing Silent Nation"

Andrew Miller said...

Caution:2001 by Suree Towfighnia
excerpt from doc here:

Andrew Miller said...

“Dust And Illusions” by Olivier Bonin
watch the trailer @

Anonymous said...

I'd really like to see "Radiant City". Please. :)

gocat said...

I love this site. Thank you for starting it. I just watched the "Old Man and The Storm" on PBS about Katrina. They can bail out the banks but not people!

Anonymous said...

The One Percent-Jamie Johnson

All's Wool that Ends Wool said...

Years ago I saw a wonderful documentary about the monogenesis of language and the concept of Nostratic. I do not know the name, but I would love to see it again.

Anonymous said...

Hello I'd love to see David Attenborough's "journey to the undergrowth" fantastic documentary about small amazing creatures, also the documentary about Warhol's friend Brigid Berlin I think is called "pie in the sky" but Im not sure. Im addicted to your blog, thank you so much!

Marieca Page said...

Hi Scott,

Thanks for finding and posting 'Status Anxiety" - Love, love LOVE Alain!

I'd love to see - 'The Color of Fear' a 1995 doco on race relations.

Thanks once again.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...

-Leaving Bountiful

-Colorado City and the Underground Railroad

-Damned to Heaven

-Banking on Heaven

Any documentaries about the very secret world of FLDS polygamy, as it doesn't seem that you have any.

Anonymous said...


I would like to see more of


Lecture Series

The Joy of Finding Things Out

Character of Physical Law


More on PHYSICS !


Quantum Mechanics

the Large Hadron Collider

Particles (Quarks, Neutrinos, Gluons, Z Particles, W+-, Higgs Boson....)

THANK YOU! Your site is wonderful, I just want more physics!

Anonymous said...

Hello, thank you for bringing together so much nice documentaries.. So hard to find them online.
Anyway, I saw a documentary a couple of mounths ago called "The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters" which is really good. Keep up the good work.


S. said...

-The Trials of J. Robert Oppenheimer
-Anything on the following: Joseph Goebbels (it was shown on american experience), propaganda, China, the Manhhatan Project, Richard Feynman, Russia, Salah al-Din, etc.

Thank you for posting all these wonderful documentaries.