Tuesday, January 27, 2009

In Search of the Trojan War

This is, without a doubt, one of the best historical documentaries ever made. In Search of the Trojan War combines archaeological adventure, historical investigation and a charming presentation by historian Michael Wood to bring to life one of the best known Greek legends: the Trojan War.

Sifting through vast sources of information, from the ancient to the contemporary, visiting fabled cities, and walking on the footsteps of the people of times past Michael Wood discards speculation to present an objective view on the history of the city of Troy.

Made in 1987 by PBS and the BBC, this six-part documentary is still the most complete and vivid depiction of Troy ever presented in television. Each one of the original episodes deals with a particular topic regarding Troy and the Trojan War.

The Age of Heroes
This episode presents the many legends and myths of the ancient Greeks, where they came from, the ways they influenced everyday life, and how life ordinarily went on in the Greek world during this historical period.

The Legend Under Siege
Here we look at the pioneering men, both believers and skeptics, who followed Greek myths into their historical past, discovering legendary cities, awe-inspiring treasures and important cultural facts, and, in the process, creating the science of archaeology.

The Singer of Tales
This part is as detailed a biography on Homer as the information about him permits - including a pleasant and entertaining look at the very old and almost unchanged art of the bard poets - and a detailed analysis of his epic: The Iliad.

The Women of Troy
Here we trace the evidence that places Trojan women on Greek mainland as the probable result of their abduction by victorious Greeks after the War, giving strong historical support to Homer's tale.

The Empire of Hittites
What were the commercial and political connections between the Trojans and the Hittites as recorded in Hittite clay tablets and other historical records? Does this further validate Homer's account of the Trojan War.

The Fall of Troy
This concluding episode drawns from the historical facts about the reality of the Trojan War, its legend and its heroes.

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Anonymous said...

Why ? Why only a preview of ONLY 5 minutes on the docmentries on Troy ? Please show all the video !!

Anonymous said...

You'll need to install the 'veoh' media player to watch the full episodes.


Anonymous said...

Troy part 6 is just a copy of part 5. Can this be fixed?