Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Narcotics: Pit of Despair (1967)

Now, I don't want people accusing me of making light of drugs and the problems and devestation they can bring into some people's lives...but this documentary is pretty QUIRKY!!!

John, a clean-cut high school senior, is targeted by Pete, a low-life drug dealer, as his next victim. Inviting John to a party, Pete introduces him to big-breasted Helen. Told to "blast off for Kicksville" by smoking a joint, John proceeds to do just that. He is immediately turned into a marijuana addict, and shortly thereafter starts shooting up heroin.

As quanit as this blast from the past is, it's interesting to note that many governments around the world still think that exaggerating the realities in an attempt to strike fear into the minds of their youth is still the best way to dissuade them from drug experimentation.

At the beginning, this film is actually closer the real facts than the false propaganda peddeled by many governments. This dedication to reality, however, very quickly is replaced with wild fabrications...well worth a watch!

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