Tuesday, September 2, 2008

BBC - Secular Believers

Beliefs, and believers, come in many shapes and sizes, and not all of them can be described as 'religious'.

This program provides an introduction to a fascinating range of non-religious people and their beliefs. Features an interview with Richard Dawkins.


koele said...

I'm glad that, finally at the end of the program, we move into at least a brief hinting of a middle way. I think Religion and Atheism are both wrong ...and that science will eventually reveal a middle ground. I think the cultural and ceremonial and metaphorical illustrations of the world religions should be respected and preserved. That said, I'm glad society is moving in a more atheistic/humanistic direction currently. Yet still, at the rate we are evolving now through global communication and united efforts for the sake of progress and understanding... I believe the key is not either/or, but instead a moving beyond the whole debate all together. One day, we will tap and enhance our understanding of the fabulous mysteries of consciousness and intuition. A general populace will emerge that has a better grasp of science and history and the connections and parallels that intertwine us all with the creation of the universe itself.

Martin Willett said...

What middle ground can there be between atheism and theism? Time share, God exists on Sundays, Tuesdays and Thursdays only?

Either there is a supernatural explanation for the natural or there isn't. If there isn't then any pretending that there is cannot be in any way helpful.

yeungx said...

I agree with Martain, what the first guy said does not make any sense. First, the scientific method takes the stand of atheism and assumes there is no supernatural forces. So for scientists to reveal anything along theistic lines is fundamentally impossible.

i agree with the whole moving on argument, but the debate can only move on is there is not a bunch of retards trying to argue for the possibility of our sugar daddy in the sky. Scientists are always moving on, but at the same time they have to deal with forces that are holding them back. for example, bush has shut down research stem cell research due to his belief in souls...

Atheists can't move on, until theology is at least eradicated in the political sphere, hopefully in the world.