Thursday, August 28, 2008

Suggest a Documentary

If there is a documentary you would like to see posted here, leave the title in the comments section and we'll more than likely be able to find it for you.


Anonymous said...

The link doe not work so i'll try it this way.
I would like to see hte documentary about Julian Barbour about his book 'The end of time'.
It was shown on Dutch public tv some years ago and I've been looking for it eversince, can't find it though.

Herman de boer Sap

K said...

I saw it in French: “Atomes et Galaxies”
I suppose in English it would be: “Atoms and galaxies”.
I think it was a BBC documentary.

Thank you so much for all the great stuff you post here!

Scott said...

Hi K,

I haven't been able to find a doco with the title Atoms & Galaxies by the BBC.

I have a feeling that the title was changed for French TV and was in fact called something else in English.

I am getting a lot of the BBC's physics/cosmology docos up on this site, perhaps you could check out some of the ones already posted to see if it is the one you mean.

Also, keep checking as many, many more of these great docos are coming to this site.

Hop this helps.

Anonymous said...

Bigger Stronger Faster* (2008)
Doc about steroids in our culture.Thanks

PS-where can I donate money to this wonderful website?

Scott said...

I'll do my best to find Bigger Faster Stronger for you.

I appreciate your support and if you really do want to dontate to help support my efforts, simply click on "Donate" button at the top of the left hand column.

If you find one of my advertisments truely interesting, you may also like to click on it.

I am not allowed to solicit people to click on my ads, but like I said - if you do find one truely of interest to you...give it a click.

Final word - a am not running this site to get rich. I do spend a lot of time each week maintaining and updating the site because documentaries are a passion for me.

I am in love with learning and believe that documentaries are an easily accessable way to do this.

I will be upgrading this site to its own domain over the next few weeks, so you can look forward to more features and much, much more of everything.

Once again - thank you so much for your support!!!

Kate said...

How about posting the Russian documentary about homeless kids who huff gasoline? It's entitled 'Underground' and looks really well-done.

Scott said...

Bigger, Stronger, Faster found and posted - extreme is the best word to describe this one!

Underground, Children Underground - found and posted...powerful stuff!!

Nice choices people...keep up the excellent doc suggestions!

Kate said...

Thank you, so very much, for posting Children Underground. It is, though, in French subtitles (if only I was brilliant enough to be bilingual).

Another idea is:

The Eyes of Tammy Faye, it looks ever so interesting.

I'm an atheist too, by the way. I get your comment about people not being assholes. I don't preach at all, that's repulsive.

Scott said...

I have replaced the French version of Children Underground with an single English file.

koele said...

I'd like to see "Maxed Out" added here. It's an excellent documentary on the credit crisis that is especially relevant right now.

Rafael said...

There is a documentary called "The Triumph of the Nerds", it's really excellent and it's available in google video.

Anonymous said...

First of all, thanks for such a wonderful site. Nice to know there are other documentary geeks out there!

Several years ago, I saw part of a documentary on TV and, after a lot of searching, I found out it was entitled "The Ritchie Boys". I only saw the tail end, but I was engrossed. Do you think you can find it?? Thanks a lot.

Mario said...

Thanks for posting all those awesome documentaries, I'm trying to find time to watch them all.

I would like to see more documentaries about people who have make history, like Martin Luther King, Malcolm X, etc.
And if available, documentaries about the future of corporations, and how they might have to evolve to stop harming the environment. Sustainable Corporations.


Anonymous said...

To Continue your discussion on religion, i think you must post a doc called "Jesus Camp" it's about a evenglical church summer camp. This one is good cause the maker decided to let the action of these people speak for themselves rather then impose a view on the audience. I found it on Youtube in parts.

By the way great site. keep this up as long as you can and call for donation if needed.

Rafael said...

Thanks for posting the documentary that I suggested.
Your site is really cool, I have seen lots of documentaries thanks to you.

I'll soon donate something to help you.


P.D: Please try to find more documentaries of Richard Dawkins.

Anonymous said...

ok this doc you have to check out.
it's called "the man that elected bush the Lee Atwater story" or something like that. I saw it on CBC and it was online as well. Great doc you can't go without it.

Thanks for posting Jeusu camp. I am glad someone listening to me on the other end.

Scott said...

Thanks for the suggestion of the Lee Atwater film...just posted it.

Keep the excellent suggestions coming people!!

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if you could find "white light, black rain: the destruction of hiroshima and nagasaki" I have had trouble locating a full version.

Anonymous said...

Please do post BBC4's "How The Celts Saved Britain" (in two parts, one hour each). Thanks, Stephen

Anonymous said...

I'd like to suggest Sacred Weeds, a four part documentary series about the scientific investigation of psychoactive plants used by acient civilizations: