Saturday, August 30, 2008

The Lost Gospels

I want to get one thing clear hear...I am an atheist. This does not mean that I feel the need to denigrate the belief systems of others, but I do think that it's necessary to accumulate the mass of evidence against the posibility of the story of Christ being a historical fact.

If you are religious and feel the need to comment on this post or others like it, feel free to do so. I am sure that many of my readers that are not religious would also like a chance to air their views on what they believe.

I only ask that if you comment on this site that you keep it civil. Crass and rude comments will NOT be approved.

In this documentary, Anglican priest Peter Owen Jones explores the huge number of ancient Christian texts that didn't make it into the New Testament.

Shocking and challenging, these were works in which Jesus didn't die, took revenge on his enemies and kissed Mary Magdalene on the mouth. Pete travels through Egypt and the former Roman Empire looking at the evidence of a Christian world very different to the one we know, and finds over seventy gospels, acts, letters and apocalypses all circulating in the early Church.

What does this kind of new evidence mean for Christianity? Does it matter seeing as religion is not necessarily rooted in empirical evidence, but rather faith?

Check it out and make up your own mind!

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glockenspiel said...

Didn't this guy do a fascinating documentary on Anthony of Egypt and the first desert monks? Would love to see that again.

Nick said...

Thanks for posting your videos! I'm glad that there is a site to congregate atheist documentaries like this. Keep up the good work!