Thursday, August 27, 2009

David Icke - Was He Right?

David Icke (pronounced like "ike"), was born in Leicester, England on April 29, 1952. As a young child he always wanted to become a football player when he was older. His dream became a reality when he left school to play football in the English league as a goalkeeper. Due to arthritis that became increasingly worse Icke was forced to eventually give up the game and move into a new career at the age of 21.

David became a reporter with a local newspaper in Leicester and eventually went on to become a sports presenter for BBC South's Program "South Today". David Icke went on a news presenter until 1988 when he joined the Green Party to become the national media spokesperson. During this time Icke started to become more and more spiritually involved and began experiencing contact with the spirit world. He was later banned from speaking on the Green Party's behalf in 1990 for telling them about a message he received from the spirit world.

One of David Icke's most controversial subjects is that of the world being run by a secretive and extra-dimensional Reptilian alien race from the constellation Draco. David explains these beings as walking upright like humans and living not only on the planets they come from, but also underground in tunnels and caverns in the earth. Icke also explains how they have crossbred with humans which created "hybrids" who are possessed by the full-blooded reptilians. This hybrid DNA gives these reptilians the ability to shape-shift from reptilian to human form, granted they have consumed human blood. Icke believes this group includes many of the Global Elites such as George H.W. Bush, Hillary Clinton and Tony Blair to name a few. David claims that these people are either themselves reptilians or work for the reptilians.

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Anonymous said...

Interesting video. However, there isn't enough evidence to decipher if he is telling the truth, or if he is just trying to make money off of peoples gullibility. Every one knows that people like to believe in anything. That is why there are so many different religious beliefs and conspiracy theories. They can't be all right, especially since lots of them contradict each other.

talia said...

hahahahahaha reptillians! haaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahaha
sorry i just can't stop laughing xD

Anonymous said...

Ummm is this a joke? Can we stick 2 more fact based stuff?

Sol Connection said...

the only good point he made was that it doesn't matter what other people think. The rest of the stuff he goes on about is either obvious (governments are corrupt), or a load of crap (reptillians walk among us etc).