Saturday, June 13, 2009

The Lost Gospel of Judas

Thanks to Hung for suggesting this documentary. Old heresies die hard! The discovery of ancient texts such as the Gospel of Judas has sparked renewed interest in many ideas rejected by the early church. This documentary uncovers the truth behind the supposed "secrets" of Gnosticism. Featuring interviews with leading historians and scholars, it examines Gnosticism's origins, its early influence---and what's fueling its resurgence today.

What if an ancient gospel was rediscovered that offered a radically different perspective on a man that history has painted as the ultimate villain? What if this account turned Jesus' betrayal on its head, and in it the villain became a hero?

This documentary provides exclusive access to the documents and evidence that traces the incredible story of what has happened to the Gospel of Judas since it was found. Combining dramatic recreations and insightful analysis by the world's foremost experts, they ask and answer the question: Is the Gospel of Judas real?

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Anonymous said...

I really liked this, thanks!

Rikard said...

I think it jumps to conclusion quite a lot in the biginning but was relived when the summary turend out to be quite modest.

Racheal said...

Those white guys must have had some horrible sun burn being in the region LOL. I just love the myth of white Jesus. Anyhow, very good documentary.

Anonymous said...

That was Brilliant, Jesus being crucified gave power to the Christian beliefs. It is far more believable to me that a being such as the son of god could have planned such an act.To say that the son of God didn't know he was to be betrayed by one of his disciples would make him less of a messiah and far more human, when in fact he knew that this could unite people to a belief system.
It is the church that corrupted his vision.

sakara said...

JESUS NEVER EXISTED TO BEGIN WITH....all these once-censored gospels are proof of that.

judas and the apostles never existed either (12 apostiles = 12 months), so it makes perfect SENSE there a gospel of judas.