Monday, October 13, 2008

The Vanished City of the Pharaoh

It was one of the greatest disappearing acts in history.

This documentary looks at how Piramesses, the magnificent capital of pharaoh Ramesses II, also known as Ramses the Great, disappeared from the Egyptian landscape for centuries, only talked about in folklore as the most magnificent of all of Ancient's Egypt's cities. Believed to be located on the Nile and noted for its trade connection as a result of its proximity to the river, historical records attested to its vibrance and wealth, especially symbolised by the magnificent main temple.

The dramatic discovery of this city occurred in the nineteenth century, upon scientists realising that the course of the Nile had been dramatically altered since ancient times, thus leaving the city stranded in the desert. The archaeological ruins of Piramesses (called Qantir after the modern town nearby) were found during this century by Mahmoud Hamza, who gathered a team of experts to aid in its excavation. What was quickly revealed was a site covering an area of nearly 30 square kilometers. Within this area, remains of temples, houses, horse stables, to name but a few, were uncovered.

In this episode of Lost Cities of the Ancients, this magical landscape is bought back to life, using footage to reveal what has been found and what myth would suggest has yet to be discovered.

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